Worker’s Compensation (California)

Fall 2010: New California Workers’ Compensation Regulations

Download This Issue in .pdf Format The California Division of Workers’ Compensation has amended its regulations. The following changes are effective October 8, 2010. PosterALL employers must post a new Notice to Employees to replace the current workers’ compensation poster wherever notices are normally posted – e.g., on the Company bulletin board containing required compliance posters. This Notice must also be posted in Spanish where there are Spanish-speaking employees. A copy of the Notice to Employees (in English and Spanish) that meets the requirements is attached to this Advisory. PamphletThe required language in the Written Notice to Employees concerning the rights, benefits, and obligations under California’s workers’ compensation law has also been revised. This Written Notice is generally referred to as the “Your Rights to Workers’ Compensation Benefits” pamphlet which must be given to all new hires. This notice must be provided in Spanish to Spanish-speaking employees. For most employers this ... Read More