A complete and appropriate Form I-9 must be completed for each employee (hired after November 6, 1986). To conduct this audit we review your I-9 forms for current and former employees to determine whether your process for completing the forms meets federal requirements; if the employees and the Company representatives completing the I-9s are doing so accurately and completely; if corrections have been properly made; and whether your recordkeeping is legally compliant.

The following are various documents, practices and processes reviewed during this audit:

Designation of employer representative
Title and function?
Properly trained?

Timeliness of completion
When are the forms completed?
Employee section
Employer section
Place of completion

Process for completion
Correct form being used?
Instructions to employee?
Copy given?
List of documents?
Translator used?
Preparer used?
Ink used?
Electronic process used?

Review of documents
Specific documents requested?
Original documents?
Personal review?
Standard of review?
Copies made?

Expired documents?
Returning employees?

Possible errors
Employee section
Employer section
Inappropriate assumptions?
Accepting invalid documents?
Improper corrections?
Initialed changes
Extraneous markings