October 2011-2: Information for Employees of Farm Labor Contractors

Download This Issue in .pdf Format As noted in the Employer’s Legal Advisory (Fall 2011-3), as of January 1, 2012 all employers will be required to provide newly-hired employees with a written notice that includes certain payroll information and other information about the employer and the employer’s workers’ compensation carrier. Additionally, if the employer is a farm labor contractor, this notice must also include the name and address of the entity that secured the services of the farm labor contractor. If you are a farm labor contractor, or utilize the services of a farm labor contractor, you need to be aware of this change and ensure compliance with this requirement. [As noted previously, we will provide you with the Labor Commissioner template when it is available.] For additional assistance please contact Jeanne Flaherty at 805-499-2918 or jflaherty@eladvisor.com. ... Read More