Spring 2013-2- New Forms

Download This Issue in .pdf Format CALIFORNIA: New Changes – New Forms For employers to properly implement recent statutory and regulatory changes, new forms should be used. I-9 The Department of Homeland Security has issued a new I-9 form.  Effective May 7, 2013 employers may no longer use any other version of the I-9 for new hires or for reverification. [Employers are not required to have current employees complete a new form.] This is now a two-page form.  Completion of the employee’s phone number and e-mail address are optional.  The employee also need not include his/her social security number unless the employer uses E-Verify.   The Instructions, which must be provided to the employee along with the List of Acceptable Documents, are more detailed than in previous versions.  The new I-9 can be found at http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/i-9.pdf. Request to Inspect/Copy Personnel Records As noted in the December 10, 2012 Alert the Labor Code has been revised ... Read More