October 2011-1: New Pregnancy Leave Legislation

Download This Issue in .pdf Format The new legislation, effective January 1, 2012, prohibits any employer from refusing to maintain health coverage for an employee on a statutorily protected pregnancy leave of up to four (4) months. The employer will be required to pay the premiums normally paid by the ... Read More

October 2011-2: Information for Employees of Farm Labor Contractors

Download This Issue in .pdf Format As noted in the Employer’s Legal Advisory (Fall 2011-3), as of January 1, 2012 all employers will be required to provide newly-hired employees with a written notice that includes certain payroll information and other information about the employer and the employer’s workers’ compensation carrier. ... Read More

Fall 2011-1: NLRA – New Poster

Download This Issue in .pdf Format Employers who have union-represented employees and are subject to collective bargaining agreements are familiar with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the federal agency that enforces the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). Employers that do not deal with unions often incorrectly believe that the ... Read More

Fall 2011-3: California Legislative Changes- Part 2

Download This Issue in .pdf Format New Wage Payment/Information Violations of the Labor Code The California Legislature also made additional changes to the Labor Code, signed into law by Governor Brown. –            As of January 1, 2012 an employer must, at the time of hire, provide every employee with a written ... Read More

Fall 2011-4: Independent Contractors Misclassification

Download This Issue in .pdf Format IRS Voluntary Compliance Settlement Program The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has implemented a new program to allow taxpayers who have misclassified workers as independent contractors to voluntarily reclassify the workers as employees with minimal tax liability. This is a voluntary program. To be eligible, ... Read More

Fall 2011-2: California Legislative Changes- Part 1

Download This Issue in .pdf Format Pregnancy Leave- Changes Require Payment of Health Insurance Premiums by Employer (previous e-Update issued) Governor Brown has signed legislation effective January 1, 2012 which prohibits employers from failing to maintain health coverage for an employee on a statutorily protected pregnancy leave of up to ... Read More

October 2010: New California Leave Law Signed by Governor

Download This Issue in .pdf Format The Michelle Maykin Donation Protection Act has been signed by Governor Schwarzenegger. This law applies to all employers with 15 or more employees and provides another right for an employee to take leave in California. The law requires employers to permit employees who are ... Read More

Fall 2010: New California Workers’ Compensation Regulations

Download This Issue in .pdf Format The California Division of Workers’ Compensation has amended its regulations. The following changes are effective October 8, 2010. Poster ALL employers must post a new Notice to Employees to replace the current workers’ compensation poster wherever notices are normally posted – e.g., on the Company ... Read More

May 2010: Errata – Employer’s Legal Advisory (Spring 2010)

Download This Issue in .pdf Format In the recently issued Employer’s Legal Advisory (Spring 2010) it incorrectly states: “The newly hired employee must certify (sample form attached) that he/she was either unemployed in the 60 days prior to hire or was working less than 40 hours a week for someone ... Read More

Spring 2010: Tax Credits for Employers

Download This Issue in .pdf Format HIRE Act The federal Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act gives employers a tax benefit for hiring previously unemployed workers. This Act effectively exempts the employer from paying the 6.2% FICA tax normally paid by the employer for wages paid after March 18, ... Read More